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Become a Cryptocurrency Miner

Become a Cryptocurrency Miner

One way to get Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is to 'mine' or mining. Cryptocurrency obtained through mining activities is the creation of new units. So it's like a Central Bank that prints new money to increase the amount of money circulating in the community. Whereas if you get a cryptocurrency by buying it or collecting it for free on the faucet site, then the cryptocurrency is a cryptocurrency that has been circulating.

Here are some things to know if you want to become a cryptocurrency miner:

  • Hardware is needed to do mining. The hardware can be a computer processor (CPU), graphics card, or ASIC miner.
  • The hardware used depends on the type of cryptocurrency that you want to mine. Make sure you do not choose the type of device purchased.
  • Not all cryptocurrencies can be mined. To find out whether a cryptocurrency can be mined (mineable) or not (not mineable), it can be checked on the site. A cryptocurrency that cannot be mined is marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Now there is also a cloud mining service where you don't need to have your own mining device. The principle is that you hire mining equipment from service providers. Be careful when choosing cloud mining services because there are enough scam reports that appear.
  • After you have the device to mine, then you have to find a place to mine. The term used for mining cryptocurrency is a mining pool. Look for mining pools in accordance with the type of cryptocurrency you want to mine.
  • You can do mining alone (solo mining) or group mining (pool mining). The most chosen method is pool mining because the opportunity to get results is far greater than solo mining. In the mining pool, the results obtained will generally be shared according to the miner's contribution.
  • In general, the level of difficulty to mine a type of cryptocurrency is increasingly difficult. So with the same mining tools, the results obtained will get less and longer.

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